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Grimmstrasse 24
10967 Berlin
Andreas started to draw, paint and play music in his childhood years and worked as a media engineer in his early twenties. In his mid twenties he realised how filmmaking brings all of these trades together which fired up a still growing passion for the medium.

Since the love for moving images and its limitless possibilities to express emotions has spread in his heart he dropped everything he did and went to study filmmaking in the UK. He instantly met a likeminded community of creatives who burn for what they do, which led him to quickly pick up work in the film industry.

With a portfolio in car and lifestyle advertisement Andreas brings a passion for movement, rhythm and a classy but energetic cinematography style. 

Today his commercial portfolio includes clients like Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, Hyundai, Nike and Adidas among others. He also shoots music videos including musicians like Apache, Bausa and Monet192.

His background in tech also led to him to work as advisor for brands like Leica in the artistic side of cinema lens development as well as Studios like LEDcave to get their tech ready for the advanced vision of modern thinking directors and DPs.